What We Do

Project delivery and services implementation – by engaging people and enabling technology
We find balance in people and technical perspectives in order to get your business need met. Seems logical; yet many times we are called in to rescue projects where conventional logic has failed. This is where the MIAX team has been called in to bring the project back on track. Over the years, we’ve been able to utilize these lessons learned and successes stories, then share them with you. In all this, we’ve learned that it is as more about people than it is about the technology.
We dig into the details so that you can focus on your business.
We work with you to identify scope, business requirements, understand your people and their approach, match the processes and technology needed to make it work. Our unique difference is how we focus on and engage your people so that they are ready to embrace both the technology and new processes to yield performance improvements, increased productivity and cost savings.

Project Management

MIAX Project Delivery Process is closely aligned with PMI Project Management Processes. A single methodology does not always fit all projects. …more…

Business Process Optimization

With key differentiators involving your people and making certain they are engaged in your business process definition ensures that they embrace the technology and processes to meet your business objectives. …more…

Application Development & Analytics, Technology should be an Enabler

Our adaptability and flexibility enables our team to work with you to create customized solutions for your technology needs. …more…